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    Version: 1.1.3 Modified: 22-Apr-2016 Created: 05-Nov-2010
    Joomla 3
    $90 3 month of supportandupdates Choose plan
    $120 6 months of supportandupdates Choose plan
    $150 12 months of supportandupdates Choose plan
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    All License For Single Domain
    Responsive Layout As smartphone and tablet adoption rapidly increases, so JS Jobs now support mobile-friendly layouts. JS Jobs give full power to employer and job seeker to perform their all task from smartphones or tablets.
    Visitor Can Add/Edit JobJS Jobs comes with unique feature, visitor can open tiekct and also he can edit job. JS Jobs send him an edit job link in email to employer.
    Visitor Can Apply JobSome user to hesitate to register before apply to job. JS Jobs offer visitor can apply to any job. He click on apply job, fill the resume form and apply to job.
    Gold And Featured JobsJS Jobs give you the jobs listing along with the specail Gold and Featured jobs listing. Employer can set his/her jobs to Gold, Featured or both Gold and Featured jobs according to package that he/she have. Gold and Featured jobs are not just listing in different layout it can also be listed in Newest Jobs controllable by admin.
    Job AlertJob seeker can get his desiew job is his email account. Job seeker can subscribe for job alert. He can add his preferences and alert frequency (daily/weekly/monthly). JS Jobs will send him all newest job that match with his criteria. This feature need to add cron job in hosting panel.
    Tell A FriendUser or visitor can alert his/her upto 5 friends at a time for a particular job. The tell a friend email template is also available in the back end so the admin can easily manage the template. Email also have the link to redirect the user to job detail, Its helpful for increase traffic and user on you website.
    Payment SystemYou can charge both the Jobseeker and Employer of your site on packages bases. Payment system is integrated with the following online payment system.
    2checkout, alipay, authorize.net, avangate, bluepaid, epay, eway, fastspring, googlecheckout, hsbc, moneybookers, pagseguro, payfast, paypal, payza, sagepay and wolrdpay.
    ThemesJS Jobs comes with administrator custom tool including unlimited color options. Now admin can easily change JS Jobs color using color picker. Tool give live preview of changes. Also offer seven different color preset themes like Blue, Red, Purple, Brown, Green, Orange and Black.
    You can set any one of these themes of JS Jobs according to your template color.
    Multi-LanguagesJS Jobs have different languages its not for just the English it have following different languages.
    Arabic, Arabic (Egypt), Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Romanian, Russian, Greek, Portuguese (Brazil)
    You can set the JS Jobs language according to your locality.
    Google Adsense And MapAdmin can add Google ads in job listing, that show ads after how many number of jobs. It will help you to earn money. You can also use Google map where the employer can set location of jobs, and jobseeker can easily search jobs on the radius base from a particular location.
    RSSReally Simple Syndication (RSS), JS Jobs provide you that the Employer of your site can set the feeds for the resume on your site to their favorable RSS reader. Also Jobseeker of your site set the feeds for the jobs of site to their favorable RSS reader. RSS feeds setting can manageable by admin
    Message SystemJS Jobs have message system feature. Employer can send message to job seeker and job seeker can replay. On each message JS Jobs send email notification.
    Built In SearchTo find a right job is not an easy task. JS Jobs have built-in job search feature for job seeker. JS Jobs offer multiple criteria to search desire job.
    Unlimited User FeildsCustom fields are required in scenarios, wherein additional information from clients is required. For example, if a client registers his account, additional information like company name, company profile etc. would be required. This can be gathered by using Custom Fields. You can create different types of custom fields i.e text field, drop down, check box, date, text area.
    Fields OrderingJS Jobs have very powerfull feature. Admin can change field order of form job, company and resume according to his wish, just by click up or down arrow. Admin can also unpublished unwanted fields.
    Email TemplatesJS Jobs send lot of email notification to employer, job seeker and admin. You can esily change email templates using html editor. You can also add aditon information with email alert.
    Search engine friendly URLJS Jobs support Joomla SEF. All JS Jobs url are sef. JS Jobs also offer meta data and meta key words for search engines.
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    MVC Included Included
    Responsive Included Included
    Google Map Included Included
    YouTube Video Included Included
    Meta Description for Job Included Included
    Meta Keyword for Job Included Included
    Enforce Un-published Job Included Included
    Resume Export as PDF Included Included
    Field Ordering Included Included
    Custom Fields for Company and Job Included Included
    Email Templates Included Included
    Stats Included Included
    Themes 1 Unlimited
    Search Engine Friendly URLs Included Included
    Multi-Language Support Included Included
    JoomFish Support Included Included
    Change the CSS Easily Included Included
    Copyright Removed Included Included
    Support Included Included
    Visitor can Apply to Job Included Included
    Shortlist/Reject/Hired Candidates Included Included
    Gold Companies Included Included
    Featured Companies Included Included
    Gold Jobs Included Included
    Featured Jobs Included Included
    Gold Resumes Included Included
    Featured Resumes Included Included
    Payment Reports Included Included
    Payment System Included Included
    Message System Included Included
    Folders Included Included
    Google Adsense Included Included
    Cron Job Included Included
    Tell a Friend Included Included
    Copy Job Included Included
    Show Gold/Featured Job in Newest Jobs Included Included
    Resume Rating-limited Included Included
    Resume Comments-limited Included Included
    Free Modules 1 19
    Free Plug-ins 1 19
    Domain Allowed Included 1
    Support Included 3, 6, 12 months
    Free Up-gradation Included 3, 6, 12 months
    Price Free $90, $120, $150



    You will get these modules and plugins with component.
    Modules (19)
    • Gold Companies
    • Featured Companies
    • Gold Jobs
    • Featured Jobs
    • Gold Resume
    • Featured Resume
    • Newest Jobs
    • Job Search
    • Top Jobs
    • Hot Jobs
    • Newest Resume
    • Resume Search
    • Top Resume
    • Jobs by Categories
    • Jobs by Countries
    • Jobs by States
    • Job by Cities
    • JS Jobs Login module
    • Jobs on google map
    Plugins (18)
    • Gold Companies
    • Featured Companies
    • Gold Jobs
    • Featured Jobs
    • Gold Resumes
    • Featured Resumes
    • Newest Jobs
    • Job Search
    • Top Jobs
    • Hot Jobs
    • Newest Resume
    • Resume Search
    • Top Resume
    • Jobs by Categories
    • Jobs by Countries
    • Jobs by States
    • Job by Cities
    • JS Jobs Register Plugin
    Release Notes
    Version 1.1.3
    • Security fix
    Version 1.1.2
    • New design
    • JS Jobs now support RTL
    • Improve search
    • Jobs on scroll, no need pagination anymore
    • Modules are responsive now
    • Plugins are responsive now
    • Graph at employer control panel
    • Graph at job seeker control panel
    • Suggested jobs for job seeker at job seeker control panel
    • Applied jobs status for job seeker at job seeker control panel
    • Newest jobs for job seeker at job seeker control panel
    • Newest resume for employer at employer control panel
    • Applied resume for employer at employer control panel
    • New design for admin
    • Reports for admin
    Version 1.1.1
    • List all companies [New Layout]
    • Job by types [New Layout]
    • Job seeker can short list jobs
    • Resume form now in new style and ajax base
    • Visitor can add resume in system
    • Jobs on map [New Module]
    • On package purchase, send email to buyer
    • Admin can change owner of any company and add new company behalf on any user
    • Change Date to JHtml::_('date')
    • Add user field in employer email on applied resume
    • If location is not exist, user can add it (Admin configurable)
    • Show no of resume in applied resume layout tabs
    • Module can be override through template html (standard way)
    • Currency symbol changeable position to front or back (Admin configurable)
    • Language new style only one language file now for whole component
    • Show successful message on tell a friend layout
    • Add location in all jobs module and plugin
    • Message system improved
    • Resume RSS improved
    • Keywords improve on job search
    • SEF improved
    • In applied resume next and back resume button improved
    • Resume pdf improved
    • Google map bug fix for (http: or https:)
    • Salary range view style improved
    • Location view style improved
    • Unlimited colors in theme
    • Admin can easily change JS Jobs color using color picker
    • Seven preset themes
    • New look in latest style
    • Add jQuery in job apply, now job seeker easy apply to job
    • Better messages for users.
    • Responsive layout
    • Job Sharing
    • Improve SEF
    • Modules new layout
    • Plugins new layout
    • Add Joomla recaptcha [Admin configurable]
    Version 1.0.9
    • JS Jobs can work without package [Admin configurable]
    • Social media integration
    • Add folder option in employer c.p.
    • New layout Resume by sub category
    • Multi city in job
    • Resume form should be given to employer with email
    • Assign Joomla group to new user
    • Filter on applied resume
    • Filter on job apply
    • Admin can create/edit job with any company
    • Add 14 new payment methods
    • New Layout Style
    • Resume by Category [New Layout]
    • Add Google map dimensions in configurations
    • Add YouTube video and Google map in resume
    • User Registration [Business version only]
    • Google Map API
    • Google Adsense [Business version only]
    • Radius search on Geo-Coordinates
    • Cron Job for job alert to job seeker [Business version only]
    • Gold Job listing in newest jobs and list jobs layout [Business version only]
    • Featured Job listing in newest jobs and list jobs layout [Business version only]
    • Resume by Categories, and new layout
    • Tell a friend [Business version only]
    • Employer can mark job to Gold/Featured at job from [Business version only]
    • Employer can select package at form job (In case of multi packages)
    • Add Copy Job feature [Business version only]
    • Add keywords in Job Alert [Business version only]
    • Add Date of Birth field in resume form
    • Display better message for package expiry.
    • Admin can multi publish/unpublish fields.
    Version 1.0.8
    • Visitor can post/edit jobs [Business version only]
    • Separate job form for visitor [Business version only]
    • RSS [Business version only]
    • Separate resume form for visitor
    • Add keyword and sub-category in job search
    • Admin can assign package to any user
    • Admin can delete Gold/Featured company/job/resume.
    • Employer can assess basic job seeker area.
    • More control to admin on visitor links.
    • Users and approval bug fix for Joomla 2.5.
    • Change theme styles
    • Resume view in detail bug fix
    • Multi-Currencies
    • Search bug fix
    • New Layout for resume form
    • Fix bug (change user role)
    • New Layout for job listing
    • New Layout for resume listing
    • Add user fields for resume form (only text type)
    • Add javascript message into language
    • Fix Add to Gold/Featured company/job/resume at admin
    • Fix date format problem
    • Fix other small problems
    • Visitor can subscribe or unsubscribe job alert
    • Search bug fix
    • View resume make fast
    • Resume file upload bug fix
    • Export resume in excel format
    • Ad 2CheckOut payment system. [Business version only]
    • Admin can hide/show top & control panel links
    • Email bug fix
    Version 1.0.7
    • Visitor (Guest) can apply to a job. [Configurable by Admin]
    • Sub Categories
    • Employer can write comments on applied resume for himself.
    • Message System. [Business version only]
    • Folders. [Business version only]
    • Employer can rate applied resume for himself. [Business version only]
    • Add Authorize.net (Basic checkout) and pagseguro. [Business version only]
    • Job Alert to job seeker on new job. [Business version only]
    • Add more configurations for visitors
    • Add FastSpring payment method
    • Package auto assign to Employer or Job Seeker (Default Package)
    • Search for guests.
    Version 1.0.6
    • Add company departments
    • Admin - Company can forcefully delete.
    • Add gender to jobs
    • Add education minimum/maximum to jobs
    • Add education range min-max to jobs
    • Add Degree Title to jobs
    • Add Career Level to jobs
    • Add Experience minimum/maximum to jobs
    • Add experience range min-max to jobs
    • Add Require Travel to jobs
    • Add Age to jobs
    • Add Salary range type (hour/week/month/year) to jobs
    • Add Skills to jobs
    • Every field control by Admin (published/unpublished) to list jobs
    • Every field control by Admin (published/unpublished) to job search
    • Resume can delete by job seeker
    • Admin - Resume forcefully delete
    • Reusme can Export to PDF
    • Admin - Show all resume and admin can search resume
    • Date formate
    • New/Update company send email Y/N
    • New/Update jobs send email Y/N
    • New/Update resume send email Y/N
    • Send resume to employer [configurable - Not working]
    • Shortlist candidate, View shortlist candidates, Feature Jobs, Gold Jobs, Very hot job, Featured companies, Gold companies, Featured Resumes, Gold Resumes, YouTube, Google Map, Notifcations
    • Admin - Send on new/update company register
    • Admin - Send on new/update job
    • Admin - Send on new/update resume
    • Packages add/update/delete/publish by admin
    • Add package expiry date, no of jobs/companies/resume
    • Admin - can view report of payment - by package
    • Admin - can view report of all payment- between two dates
    System Requirements
    The minimum requirements to run JS Jobs are:
    • CURL
    • Joomla 2.5 or 3.0
    • PHP 5.x
    • MySQL 4.2
    • PCLZIP Library
    • IE 8, Firefox, Chrome ...
    • 400px width
    We recommend:
    • CURL
    • Joomla 2.5 or 3,0
    • PHP 5.3
    • MySQL 5.x
    • PCLZIP Library
    • IE 9, latest firefox, latest chrome ...
    • 700px width

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