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    Version: 1.1.0 Updated: 08-Apr-2019 Created: 19-Oct-2017 Wordpress

    Responsive, RTL & Multi Language

    Supported RTL Languages, JS Vehicle Manager can help your site easily to be translate into English, French, Spanish and Arabic etc.

    Unlimited Vehicles

    JS Vehicle Manager allows user to add unlimited vehicle and list them with out any restriction.
    unlimited vehicles

    Vehicle Details

    JS Vehicle Manager shows vehicle information and vehicle detail with beautifully design layout.
    vehicle detail

    Add Vehicle

    Add unlimited vehicles with JS Vehicle Manager
    add vehicle

    Login, Register

    JS Vehicle Manager comes with the registration form and social login. User can either register as a new register or login with existing account.

    Search Vehicles

    To find a perfect Vehicle is not an easy task, but JS Vehicle Manager comes with the solution to find a perfect match of your desire vehicle with powerful and refine search and various filters.
    search vehicle

    User & Register Seller Dashboard

    JS Vehicle Manager comes with powerful and fully loaded dashboard for both user and register.

    Seller List

    JS Vehicle Manager brings a beautiful layout for listing all the sellers registered with vehicle manager.
    seller list

    User & Seller Profile

    JS Vehicle Manager shows user and register profile and all the needed information like Personal, Contact and Mailing address with well crafted layout.
    seller information

    Vehicle By Make

    Listing Beautifully all the Vehicles based on their companies.
    vehicle by make


    JS Vehicle Manager comes with more than 250+ powerful admin configurations associated with JS Vehicle Manager.

    Vehicle Approval Queue

    JS Vehicle Manager allows admin to approve newly added vehicles or set auto approve.
    approval queue


    Reports are essentials. JS Vehicle Manager offers multiple reports for Vehicle by type, Vehicle by condition, Vehicle by company and etc.

    Fields Manager

    JS Vehicle Manager offers Multiple custom fields such as Check box, Text, input, Radio button, Text area, Drop down etc.
    field managments

    Features Compare

    Find and Compare all its extensive features
    Title Free Version Pro Version
    Mvc tick image tick image
    Visitor/User can Post Vehicle tick image tick image
    Unlimited Vehicles tick image tick image
    Unlimited Images tick image tick image
    Auto Image Resize, and Thumbnail Creation tick image tick image
    Google Map API tick image tick image
    Radius Search on GoeCoordinates tick image tick image
    YouTube Video tick image tick image
    Vehicle Filter tick image tick image
    Vehicle Meta Description tick image tick image
    Vehicle Keywords tick image tick image
    Unlimited Custom Options Fields tick image tick image
    Multi Currencies tick image tick image
    Vehicle Quick View tick image tick image
    Basic Hit Counter per Listing tick image tick image
    Sale Pricing tick image tick image
    Built in Search tick image tick image
    Search Engine Friendly URLs tick image tick image
    Field Ordering tick image tick image
    Email Templates tick image tick image
    Search Vehicle by Radius tick image tick image
    CAPTCHA tick image tick image
    Stats cross image tick image
    Credit System cross image tick image
    Payment Gateways cross image tick image
    Tell a Friend cross image tick image
    Make an Offer cross image tick image
    Featured Vehicles cross image tick image
    Visitor can Edit Vehicle cross image tick image
    Tell a Friend cross image tick image
    Shortlist Vehicles cross image tick image
    New Listing Alert Cron Job cross image tick image
    Sellers cross image tick image
    RSS Feed cross image tick image
    Messages cross image tick image
    Compare Vehicles cross image tick image
    Google Adsence cross image tick image
    Vehicle Share on Social Media cross image tick image
    Guest can Shortlist Vesicles cross image tick image
    Import/Export in CSV cross image tick image
    Free Modules 1 14
    Free Modules 1 12
    Free Modules 1 8
    Copyright Removed cross image tick image
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    Screen Shots

    Take a look on the screen shots of JS Vehicle Manager.

    Version History

    Here is the complete version history of existing version and latest version.
    arrow Improve custom fields
    arrow Add Guternberg block
    arrow Support Elementor
    arrow Ajax call validation
    arrow Fix vehicle search console error
    arrow Add financial calculator arrow
    arrow Improve social sharing arrow
    arrow WordPress 5.0 ready
    arrow Curl remove with WordPress library
    arrow Guten block for vehicles and vehicles by cities widgets arrow
    arrow JS Vehicle Manager shortcodes added to Visual Composer
    arrow Vehicle by cities widget arrow
    arrow Custom registration link (configuration base) arrow
    arrow Map marker improvements
    arrow Add register button with login button
    arrow Custom fields in email templates
    arrow Customfield implimenetaion improved
    arrow Vehicle widgets arrow
    arrow Search field ordering arrow
    arrow Show total number of vehicles on vehicle listing
    arrow IE 9 compatabilty
    arrow Custom fields in email templates arrow
    arrow Cross-Site Request Forgery(CSRF) prevention
    arrow Just release.
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